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Who We Are

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Instagram is the best marketing platform presently as it allows us to reach your target audience organically.The platform offers several tools to help you engage with customers in a new way. Instagram is growing extremely fast and has the best conversion rate.


A Snapchat for your business makes you more discoverable and creates a hub for connecting with your audience. Snapchat Ads consistently is a great way to get more exposure for your company.

Instagram Management & Marketing

Instagram = Google ads ppc + IG management + Adroll ppc and email marketing. If you are on Instagram you don’t need to be anywhere else. Weekly motivation text posts within an email with weekly media updates to email list of your followers. Weekly email of your music or art to pr professionals in your niche worldwide.

Account Management: 

1. We will upload three post daily with an SEO optimized caption & post it at the best time to get the maximum exposure.*The best time is calculated keeping your location and business niche in mind. (The pics and videos which you want us to post needs to be provided by you)

2. Create customized hashtags related to your business niche to get more relevant people to see your content and increase your reach. With the new ability to follow certain hashtags on Instagram, using the right hashtags related to your niche & location is very important!

3. We will make your images shoppable: By clicking on the image people will be able to see the prices of the products and buy them with one click. *You need to have an e-commerce website and a product catalog. 

4. We will reply to all the direct messages & comments you receive in a professional manner.

Organic Marketing: 

1. Real Followers We interact with people whom you want to target and get their attention on your Instagram account. We reach over 1000 people daily with our marketing strategy. We reach people by specifically targeting custom hashtags, geolocation & people who follow your competitors. Our organic marketing campaign grows your account with 500 to 1000 real organic followers every month.  

2. Organic Reach We reach out to your potential clients and lead them to your website by leaving custom comments under their posts & by sending a custom message to every new user who follows you. Our organic Instagram campaign helps you generate 300 to 500 organic targeted visits to your website every month. 

Instagram Influencer Marketing: 

We get micro influencers related to your niche to promote your products on their personal accounts having high engagement and authority.We choose 4 to 5 influencers with a follower base of 5000 followers to 10000 followers for the promotion campaign. How is this helpful? Firstly this helps you drive more traffic on your website and get leads as promotion is done by people who have authority in your niche and follower base who trust them and are interested in products like yours, secondly, you can use their high-quality images and product reviews on your websites and social media accounts to create more credibility. Please note: You will have to provide a separate budget for paid AD campaigns and for paying the Instagram influencers. We recommend a budget of $400 to $700 a month but you can keep it lower or higher as per your exposure needs.

Google ppc+ Adroll ppc

We run google ppc ads to your IG page or website and Adroll email list building to utilize cheap cost per click increasing roi.


Instagram Management & Marketing: 3,500

Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat Advertisement: 

We create new custom AD campaigns every week to generate visits to your website by promoting your best contents. We make the AD’s targeted specifically to the target audience who would be interested in your products or services. Please note: You will have to provide a separate budget for paid AD campaigns. We recommend a budget of $400 to $500 a month but you can keep it lower or higher as per your exposure needs

Google and Snapchat remarketing

Snapchat ads to grow spotify or soundcloud followers or promote a release. For 2 months

Utilize retargeting tactics to generate return Shopify and e-commerce sales return email list Opt-ins, IG followers, course students or just fans. The retargeting targets warmly to have seen your content and for some reason couldn’t take action at the time but now I warmed up and ready to purchase.


GS Marketing: $800

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